The Royal Courts of Justice annual tables 2020 published on 3 June 2021 show that 152 defamation claims were issued in 2020.

This is a steep drop compared to the previous year, when 323 defamation claims were issued.  The level of defamation claims has returned to 2017 levels, when 156 defamation claims were issued.  There were only 21 claims brought against national newspapers, but there was a total of 43 claims against all media.  A company was the claimant in only 21 of the claims.  The typical defamation claims consequently appears to be that of an individual suing another individual, reflecting the increasing role of social media in defamation claims.  Dr Anton van Dellen represents both individual claimants and defendants in defamation claims.

In this news post  – Dr Anton van Dellen

Dr Anton van Dellen has experience in a wide range of defamation proceedings, ranging from pre-action advice to fully contested High Court claims and appeals up to the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court. He also has sound experience in bringing Judicial Reviews and appeals against a wide range of public authorities, challenging decisions for being unlawful, irrational and/or failing to follow published guidance. High Net Worth clients are represented by Dr Anton van Dellen in a range of litigation involving disputes over assets.