Dr Anton van Dellen has represented several pharmacists before General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) Fitness to Practise panels.

The Professional Standards Authority’s (PSA) review of the GPhC’s performance said that the GPhC failed to meet standards relating to timeliness, customer service and transparency and fairness.  Median time frames have increased for all three of the key stages of the fitness to practise process, including an increase in the number of cases open beyond a year.  Criteria used to make triage decisions were, in some cases, based on criteria which were not in the GPhC’s own guidance.  A number of decisions made by the GPhC Investigating Committee (IC) lacked reasoning, including when deciding whether there was a realistic prospect of impairment being found, whether the behaviour could not be addressed by advice and whether a warning was considered to be the proportionate outcome.

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Dr Anton van Dellen has experience in a wide range of defamation proceedings, ranging from pre-action advice to fully contested High Court claims and appeals up to the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court. He also has sound experience in bringing Judicial Reviews and appeals against a wide range of public authorities, challenging decisions for being unlawful, irrational and/or failing to follow published guidance. High Net Worth clients are represented by Dr Anton van Dellen in a range of litigation involving disputes over assets.