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Contempt of Court

Contempt of court proceedings may be brought on a range of grounds which include breach of a court order endorsed with a penal notice or for the signing of a statement of truth whilst not believing its contents to be true.

Fraser Chambers has represented Respondents in some of the most high-profile cases involving contempt of court in the Court of Appeal.  Given the particular procedural requirements for committal proceedings, Fraser Chambers can provide advice about the best approach to contesting contempt of court proceedings.

There is a specific area of the Civil Procedure Rules governing contempt of court applications (Part 81 and Practice Direction 81).

Contempt of court proceedings are always held in open court and are robed, as the liberty of the respondent is at stake.  For the same reason, legal aid is also automatically available.

When making an application, evidence needs to be given in the form of an affidavit rather than a witness statement and needs to carry a specific warning to the respondent on the face of the order.

The application also needs to be personally served, unless the Court gives permission to dispense with personal service.

The burden of proof is higher than in normal civil proceedings: beyond reasonable doubt or “sure”, rather than merely probably or likely.

Sentences range up to two years in prison (which may be suspended) and/or a fine.

Following a finding of contempt, a prisoner can apply to purge their contempt.

Practicing Contempt of Court Barristers

Recent Contempt of Court Cases

Court of Appeal considers appeal against committal

April 23rd, 2020|

Dr Anton van Dellen represented the Appellant in a remote hearing using Skype for Business in the Court of Appeal. The appeal was against a finding that the Appellant breached a Court Order for failing to provide information.  Part of the appeal concerned the extent, if any, to which [...]

Two life sentences over-turned in the Court of Appeal

February 28th, 2020|

Two life sentences over-turned in the Court of Appeal Dr Anton van Dellen, represented an Appellant, over-turned two life sentences in the Court of Appeal before Lord Justice Simon, Mr Justice Jay and Mr Justice Johnson.  The Court of Appeal replaced the first life sentence with a sentence of [...]

Lakatamia v Su

September 24th, 2019|

Lakatamia v Su [2019] EWCA Civ 1626. This was an appeal against committal proceedings for breach of freezing order (dissipation of €27 million) and breach of passport impounding order in long-standing proceedings that had been running since 2011.  Mr Su is an ex-billionaire shipping owner, who had been found [...]

Recent Contempt of Court News

Wimbledon ticket touting

December 13th, 2019|

Alleged Wimbledon ticket touting case reaches Court of Appeal Dr Anton van Dellen represented Mr Luke McKay in the High Court, who had been accused of touting tickets for Wimbledon.  They opposed the lifting of the suspension of his 6-month prison sentence for contempt of court for failing to [...]

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