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High Net Worth Litigation

Experience in representing and advising High Net Worth clients in a range of commercial litigation.

Fraser Chambers provides the full range of litigation services for High Net Worth individuals.  Fraser Chambers appreciates that many High Net Worth individuals have complex disputes, covering many jurisdictions and welcome clear advice about the best litigation strategy to be adopted.

Dr Anton van Dellen has been instructed in many high value commercial cases, including cases involving disputes over a loan of $400million to acquire shares in a Siberian oil field; £110million in foreign exchange money laundering; £40million in cryptocurrency trading software; and £12million in Bangladesh power company shares.

A dispute may involve a freezing order (potentially worldwide) which requires careful advice as to the scope of the freezing order and permissible exceptions to spending allowed by the freezing order.

Breach of court orders is particularly serious where the court order is endorsed with a penal notice, as this carries exposure to an application for committal to prison for contempt of court.

High Net Worth clients may also decide to bring private prosecutions where criminal conduct has occurred, rather than pursue claims in civil courts.  Although there is a higher standard of proof, there are many advantages to private prosecutions, including that proceedings are commonly faster and there is a greater measure of protection from paying the Defendant’s legal costs and recovering legal costs, even if the prosecution is unsuccessful.

When assets have been seized, challenges frequently need to be brought using trust principles and public law challenges to public authorities.

High Net Worth Litigation

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Recent High Net Worth Litigation Cases

Private prosecution by Thames Water

November 23rd, 2021|

Dr Anton van Dellen represented the Defendants who were being privately prosecuted by Thames Water for obstructing drains. Following mitigation, the Judge agreed with Anton's submission that a band 3 fine was appropriate.  No custodial sentence was imposed.  Anton was instructed by Ennon and Co Solicitors. [...]

High Court considers sale of Batmobile

June 17th, 2021|

Dr Anton van Dellen represented the debtor in a hearing in the High Court which considered whether to stay enforcement. The Batmobile was one of several unusual vehicles seized and which had been offered for sale.  The dispute had previously been the subject of a freezing order which was [...]

Music manager trial

May 6th, 2021|

Dr Anton van Dellen was instructed to represent the Claimant, who was a music manager seeking their commission under a management contract. The Defendant was an artist who had ceased paying the manager.  The trial considered the construction of contractual sunset clauses and whether the contract was repudiated.  The [...]

Recent High Net Worth Litigation News

Third six pupillage

January 5th, 2022|

Fraser Chambers invites applications for third-six pupillage from candidates who have completed pupillage and who can demonstrate an interest in defamation and commercial law to service our High Net Worth client base. Part of the third six pupillage may involve secondment at a firm of solicitors. Bar Council Ad [...]

Civil Justice Council report for consultation on Pre-Action Protocols

November 17th, 2021|

The Civil Justice Council (CJC) has published a report which considers what role Pre-Action Protocols (PAPs) should play in an increasingly digitalised civil justice system.  The report canvasses a number of reform options: Making all PAPs available online via portals. Formally recognising that compliance with PAPs would be mandatory, except [...]

Dr Anton van Dellen appointed Senior Bar Auditor for Inner Temple

October 1st, 2021|

Having previously been Junior Bar Auditor, Dr Anton van Dellen has been appointed as Senior Bar Auditor for Inner Temple. The role involves sitting on the Finance Sub-Committee of Inner Temple scrutinising departmental budgets and financial planning.  Anton has previously held senior management positions in the NHS.  Anton also [...]

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