Fraser Chambers London Barristers

Summary of diversity data

Under the BSB Rules on Equality and Diversity,  Fraser Chambers has in force a written statement of policy on equality and diversity and a written plan implementing that policy.

Fraser Chambers also has an Equality and Diversity Officer and Diversity Data Officer, conducts a regular review of its policy on equality and diversity and of its implementation and takes any appropriate remedial action identified in the light of that review.

Fraser Chambers regularly reviews the number and percentages of its workforce from different groups.

Fraser Chambers has in place a written policy statement on the collection, publication, retention and destruction of diversity data.

Fraser Chambers also has written anti-harassment, parental leave and reasonable adjustment policies.

The Diversity Data Officer invites members of the workforce to provide diversity data in respect of themselves to the Diversity Data Officer using the model questionnaire in Section 7 of the BSB’s Supporting Information on the BSB Handbook Equality Rules.  A summary of that anonymised data is not published because  there is a real risk that individuals could be identified.